iKana 2.5.1

Study hiragana and katakana anytime, anywhere


  • Includes hiragana, katakana, special characters and combinations
  • Two types of test: Speed and Writing
  • Define a practice set for the most difficult ones
  • Very informative flash cards


  • Doesn't save test results
  • Only saves one practice test


iKana is the perfect companion for those who have recently started to learn Japanese. With his handy app you’ll be able to study hiragana and katakana on your phone, no matter where you are.

The Japanese language has three different alphabet systems: hiragana, katakana and kanji. The first two must be memorized first before moving on to the more difficult kanji. And thanks to iKana, learning both the hiragana and the katakana alphabets can be easy and fun.

iKana has a main screen where you can choose which type of characters you want to study (hiragana or katakana) including also special characters (dakuon and handakuon) and also combinations (Youon). Each kana in iKana is represented on a kind of flash card with all the information you need: the characters, its equivalent in our alphabet, the pronunciation and a couple of Japanese words where the kana is used as an example. When you flip the card, iKana displays an animation that shows you how to write that kana. You can also mark kanas for later practice, though iKana only saves one practice set at a time.

iKana lets you take two types of tests to check your progress: Speed test, in which you have to recognize the character displayed on the screen and Writing test, which asks you to draw a certain kana following the right stroke order. Unfortunately you can’t save your score to keep track of your progress – although the program does keep your most recent wrong answers.

iKana is a great app for all Japanese students - a truly helpful tool to study kana on the go.



iKana 2.5.1

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